1. the “text me when you get home so i know you’re safe” kind of people are the kind of people i wanna be around

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  2. People think that being alone makes you lonely, but I don’t think that’s true. Being surrounded by the wrong people is the loneliest thing in the world.
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  3. In a way, friendship is one of the strongest bonds to exist. It doesn’t have romantic intimacies to connect two people; they don’t have the same blood running through their veins that families do. It’s just an honest relationship between two souls who find that each others’ company is better than their own.
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  4. if you had a friend who spoke to you in the same way you sometimes speak to yourself, how long would you allow that person to be your friend?

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  5. Life is too short for shitty sex and bad relationships.
    So go find someone who fucks you right and treats you how you deserve to be treated.
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  7. classypeakebay:

wow ok cool


    wow ok cool

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    me: “i hate everyone”

    someone: “haha except me lmao”

    me: image

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